Ian Tonks Marketing Consultant
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email: iantonks@itmcreative.com

Many years of collective experience, through countless campaigns and promotions across a diverse spectrum of clients, has provided me with a true understanding of effective marketing communications. I can deliver and demonstrate real results and measurable return on investment. I have strived to create an agency service that understands what really matters.

Real results – with measurable return on your investment.

A service that listens but also one that gets to the point fast and performs cost effectively. A service that understands what you need and empathises with your target audience but, just as importantly, is proactive in its approach suggesting new ideas and recommending innovative approaches that can help your budget go further.

I also understand how daunting talking to an agency can be. That’s why I never forget my success is based on your success. I am judged by the last job I did and survival in business is about credibility and professionalism. My success is born from a positive friendly manner and a caring and understanding attitude.

I believe my approach is also an honest one, if I think you are wasting your time and money, I will tell you. However, I will also guide you and give you expert advice to achieve your marketing goals and business objectives.